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Prabawardani, Saraswati, Agrotechnology Study Program, Faculty of Agriculture, Papua University, Manokwari
Prabowo, Budi, Center for Coastal and Marine Resources Studies (CCMRS) Bogor Agricultural University
Pradana, Ankardiansyah Pandu, Universitas Jember
Pradana, Hendra Andiananta, University of Jember
Prakoso, Suryo, Department of Petroleum Engineering, Faculty of Earth and Energy Technology, Universitas Trisakti
Pramaditya, Avantio, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Gadjah Mada University
Pramoedyo, H, Brawijaya University Malang
Pramono, I B, Watershed Management Technology Center, Agency of Forestry Research and Development, Ministry of Forestry
Pramono, Irfan Budi
Pramono, Irfan Budi, Watershed Management Technology Center

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